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DeadLocks by Design

Deadlocks by Design In my previous posts, I talk a little about deadlocks and how to handle it. In this post I focus on handing deadlocks by proper design.

To lighten the load on support developers in a complex environment as retail, where deadlocking of resources tend to be the norm, designing for this scenario is important. One way to tackle this problem, would be to retry the transaction. This is a fairly common approach to the issue. It also makes sense as a first step to solving this problem, because we don't change indexes on the tables, which might trigger a more complex integration testing phase.

The basic pattern for implementing a retry would be as below depicted - I've implemented this using MS SQL Server, but the pattern remains the same. Please note, that it is also better to log the retry of the transaction in a table in the db, so that further opportunities exist for easier analysis on the event, because the information is stored in the db as opposed to a text …