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Microsoft SQL Server and SSIS cheat sheet

Microsoft SQL Server and SSIS cheat sheet The below some short guidelines when regularly working with SSIS and MS SQL Server. Some of these can also be used for some knowledge reviews. Are you using:

BULK INSERTRemember to ensure your text files are delimited with LF (line feed) only, and not CR (carriage return) characters. Open the file in Notepad++ to verify this. Alternately, do a search using Extended mode for "\r\n", and replace these with "\n"MERGEVery handy compared to separate INSERT / UPDATE statements. Using MERGE also means a combination of INSERT / UPDATE are atomic - a big plus. The gains far outweigh the cons regarding performance, which in my experience has been negligibleXACT_ABORT A session variable that controls how processing should continue after an exception in your Stored Procedure is thrown. With this setting on, your entire batch is aborted, and processing jumps to the catch block from your try catch logic. With this setting OFF, MS SQL Ser…