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Code Reviews

Code Review Checklist

Code reviews are a very important part of the development process, in any environment. It is another safety net in ensuring a software deliverable of high quality. These are some points to keep in mind about code reviews. Take note of what needs to happen before, during and after a code review:
Make sure that your code is self-explanatory and has adequate amount of code documentation and comments. These comments needs to describe the problem it is addressing in a clear and concise manner.Automated tests are good to test chunks of functionality. Include automated tests with your changes to make it easier to validate that your code works. In a SQL heavy environment, calling the different SP with specific input parameter values and inspecting the return result, or db stored result is a good midway point in testing the code.Your code should be sitting in source control. Before a code review commences:Set a date and time for the review to commence, and send out a meeti…